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June in Buffalo 2019

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June in Buffalo 2019 took place from June 3 – 9 2019, with a total of 12 concerts, featuring works and world premieres by participant and senior composers.

Feel free to peruse the Booklet with complete festival program.

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Senior Composers:

Anna Clyne David Felder Brian Ferneyhough
Stephen Hartke Lei Liang Rolf Wallin

Resident Ensembles:

Holmertz-Karlsson Duo, Slee Sinfonietta, Mivos Quartet, Ensemble Dal Niente, Ensemble Signal,

and the Buffalo Philharmonic Orchestra.

Special Guest:

Irvine Arditti


–DAY 1, Monday June 3 2019–

Slee Sinfonietta
4:30 PM, Baird Hall, Rm 250

Superscripto – Brian Ferneyhough
(re)voicings – Charles Colwell
Pentagon – Jinwei Sun

Holmertz-Karlsson Duo
7:30 PM, Slee Hall

Two Songs – Scott Kehoe
…though what made it has gone – Rolf Wallin
Three Poems by Rainer Maria Rilke – Rolf Wallin

–DAY 2, Tuesday June 4 2019–

Slee Sinfonietta
4:30 PM, Slee Hall

The Second Sight: Act I Scene 2 – Jessie Downs

Missa Brevis – Brien Henderson
Growing Bell Peppers – Georgi Dimitrov
Abandoned – Jougmin Lee

Slee Sinfonietta
7:30 PM, Slee Hall

In Nomine – Brian Ferneyhough
Under City Skin – Rolf Wallin
Science Fiction Music – Matt Chamberlain
Ship of State – Stephen Hartke

–DAY 3, Wednesday June 5 2019–

Ensemble Signal
4:00 PM, Slee Hall
Moon is a Distant Bear – Hua Xin
Piano Trio – Kyle Wernke
Dyptich – William David Cooper
Gra-V – Vasiliki Krimitza

Mivos Quartet
7:30 PM, Baird Hall, Rm 250

String Quartet No. 2 – Brian Ferneyhough
Stuck-stücke – David Felder
Sarashi Fragments – Lei Liang
Roulette – Anna Clyne

–DAY 4, Thursday June 6 2019–

Ensemble Dal Niente
4:00 PM, Slee Hall
Nimbus (introducing Ambience) – Reagan Mullin-Martin
Spaces Between – Christopher Mitchell
Hum Phenomenon – Tonia Ko
Fields of Change – Manuel Hernandez
A Corpus Resounding – Miles Friday
Dream – Mengmeng Wang

Irvine Arditti
7:30 PM, Baird Hall, Rm 250
Another Face – David Felder
Reaction II – Kenneth Tam
Drop/Lift – Joseph Vasinda
Whirld Alone – Rolf Wallin
Intermedio Alla Ciaccona – Brian Ferneyhough

–DAY 5, Friday June 7 2019–

Mivos Quartet
4:00 PM, Baird Hall, Rm 250
Bozkir – Eren Gümrükçüoglu
Unending Rose: Mvmt. II – Dongryul Lee
The Voice of Mountains – Qi Shen
Anima Animœ – Zvonimir Nagy
Entwined to Fray – Bryndan Moondy

Ensemble Dal Niente
7:30 PM, Slee Hall

Partial [Dist]res[s]toration – David Felder
Meanwhile – Stephen Hartke
Steelworks – Anna Clyne
Four Miniatures – Brian Ferneyhough
Mort subite – Brian Ferneyhough
My Windows – Lei Liang

–DAY 6, Saturday June 8 2019–

Ensemble Signal
7:30 PM, Slee Hall

Just as They Are – Anna Clyne
Aural Hypothesis – Lei Liang
The Age of Wire and String – Rolf Wallin

–DAY 7, Sunday June 9 2019–

Buffalo Philharmonic Orchestra
2:30 PM, Slee Hall

Preview of Die Dämmerungen (World Premiere) – David Felder
Within Her Arms – Anna Clyne
Pacific Rim – Stephen Hartke