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June in Buffalo 2018

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June in Buffalo 2018 took place from June 4 – 10 2018, and consisted of a total of 10 concerts – featuring works and world premieres by participant and senior composers – seminars, lectures, workshops, professional presentations, participant forums and open rehearsals.

The complete Program with complete performer listings, artist biographies, program notes, and festival program.

Irene Haupt’s complete photo archives are available as well

June in Buffalo Press Archive

Senior Composers:

David Felder John Harbison Louis Karchin
Hilda Paredes Roger Reynolds Hans Thomalla


Resident Ensembles:

Slee Sinfonietta, Mivos Quartet, Ensemble Mise-En, Ensemble Signal,

and the Buffalo Philharmonic Orchestra.

Special Guest:

Irvine Arditti


–DAY 1, Monday June 4 2018–

Slee Sinfonietta
4:00 PM, Baird Hall, Rm 250

Mime – Matthew Chamberlain
We are the same as we have always been – Flannery Cunningham
A structure of Silences: an exploration of Ma – Kezia Yap

Slee Sinfonietta
7:30 PM, Slee Hall

Four Songs on Poems of Seamus Heane – Louis Karchin
Mirabai Songs – John Harbison
Gods of Winter – Louis Karchin


–DAY 2, Tuesday June 5 2018–

Slee Sinfonietta
4:00 PM, Slee Hall

Watercolors – Weijun Chen
Epilogue – William David Cooper
Three Places in New York – Alon Nechushtan
Ondas Pirmarias – Fernando Munizaga
Estro Poetico Armonico – Yotam Haber
Nachruf für Nr. 503 – Su Lee
Without Air – David Clay Mettens

Mivos Quartet
7:30 PM, Slee Hall

Cuerdas del Destino – Hilda Paredes

String Quartet No. 6 – John Harbison

Third Face – David Felder

Albumblatt – Hans Thomalla

–DAY 3, Wednesday June 6 2018–

Ensemble Mise-En
7:30 PM, Baird Hall, Rm 250

Mirages – Josiah Catalan
Shimmers in the Shivery Moon – Kai-Young Chan
Regarding “Reconcilliation Elegy” – Sean Doyle
In the Mind of Energy – Dylan Findley
Apanahuiayan – Angel Jochi Hernandez-Carmen
#metoo – Seong Ae Kim
Touch – Reilly Spitzfaden

–DAY 4, Thursday June 7 2018–

Mivos Quartet
4:00 PM, B1Slee in Slee Hall
Cacodemonic – Matthew Arrellin
Breathing in Memory – Yi-Shien Chen
No. 305 – Nathan Courtright
String Quartet – Kyle Johnson
Struttura Assente – Kurt Nelson
Under the Glacier – Kyle Puebla-Dublin

Irvine Arditti
7:30 PM, Baird Hall, Rm 250
In Memoriam Thomas Kakuska – Hilda Paredes

Shifting/Drifting – Roger Reynolds

Einspielung I – Emanuel Nunes

Air – Hans Thomalla


–DAY 5, Friday June 8 2018–

Ensemble Mise-En
4:00 PM, Baird Hall, Rm 250
Momentsmusicaux – Hans Thomalla
Siphonophore – Hilda Paredes

As the circle opens to infinity… – Louis Karchin

Shadowed Narrative – Roger Reynolds


–DAY 6, Saturday June 9 2018–

Ensemble Signal
7:30 PM, Slee Hall


Chaczidzib – Hilda Paredes
Positings – Roger Reynolds


Jeu de Tarot – David Felder


–DAY 7, Sunday June 10 2018–

Buffalo Philharmonic Orchestra

4:00 PM, Slee Hall

Six Poems from Neruda’s Altruas – David Felder

Darkbloom – John Harbison
Remembering Gatsby – John Harbison