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June in Buffalo 2017

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June in Buffalo 2017 took place from June 5 – 11 2017, with a total of 12 concerts, featuring works and world premieres by participant and senior composers.

Feel free to peruse the Booklet with complete festival program. The complete photography by Irene Haupt is available as well.

June in Buffalo press Archive

Senior Composers:

Eivind Buene  David Dzubay David Felder
Henrik Hellstenius Josh Levine Jeffrey Mumford


Resident Ensembles:

Slee Sinfonietta, Bifrost Ensemble, Mivos Quartet, Ensemble Dal Niente, Ensemble Signal,

and the Buffalo Philharmonic Orchestra.

Special Guest:

Irvine Arditti, Cikada Trio, Brad Lubman

–DAY 1, Monday June 5 2017–


Cikada Ensemble
4:00 PM, Baird Hall, Rm 250

Piano Bagatelles – Kolten Heeren
Amandinda – Adrien Trybucki
Piano Stretch – Jacob Walls

Cikada Trio
7:30 PM, Slee Hall

Unfolded, as it were Part 1 – Henrik Hellstenius

Two small pieces for Arnold S. – Maja Ratkje

Stravinsky goes Bach and Schaathun goes Fresobaldi – Asbjørn Schaathum

ohne Titel. London 1985 – Asbjørn Schaathum

Landscape with Ruins – Eivind Buene

Study No. 3 – Eivind Buene

–DAY 2, Tuesday June 6 2017–

Ensemble Signal
4:00 PM, Slee Hall

Rambling – Lily Chen
I mitten jag ser dig – Yu – Chun Chuen
Strange Lengths, Odd Ends – Leslie Lang
Found Objects – Matt Simon
Draw the sound – Jung Yoon Wie

Bifrost Ensemble
7:30 PM, Slee Hall

Isaidseparation – Derick Evans

the circle in the middle of the painting is a fire (paisajismo abstracto 6) – Roberto Azaretto
a rift, like the breath drawn in, immaculate – Colin Tucker
King of Denmark – Morton Feldman
Il vento ti ha lasiata un’eco chiara, nei sensi, delle cose ch’ai vendute – confuse – il giorno – Jonas Skaarud

–DAY 3, Wednesday June 7 2017–

Slee Sinfonietta

4:00 PM, Baird Hall, Rm 250

Gravity Shuffle – Meredith Gilna
al F..e – Jakub Polaczyk
Benjamin of Historicism – Adam Strawbrdige

Mivos Quartet & Slee Sinfonietta Soloists
7:30 PM, Baird Hall, Rm 250

The promise of the far horizon – Jeffrey Mumford

Grid – Eivind Buene

Rift – Henrik Hellstenius

String Quartet No. 2 – Brian Ferneyhough

Praeludium Inflorescence III – Josh Levine

60 Cycles – Josh Levine

–DAY 4, Thursday June 8 2017–

Ensemble Dal Niente
4:00 PM, Slee Hall
What is the point of this race – Michael Bang
A puppet play – Jiyoung Ko
Sinking into Focus – Phil Acimovic
Lore – Ben Stevenson

Irvine Arditti
7:30 PM, Baird Hall, Rm 250

The Argonaut – Henrik Hellstenius

imAge/violin – Roger Reynolds

Unsichtbare Farben – Brian Ferneyhough

Chorals – John Cage

Another Face – David Felder

–DAY 5, Friday June 9 2017–

Mivos Quartet
4:00 PM, Baird Hall, Rm 250

String Quartet – Joseph Bohigian
Arctic – Paul Duffy
“… and I placed my arm around your shoulder” – Zhousheng Jin
Unreachable II – Sunyeong Park
I found a few configurations//some stripes – Alex Huddleston

Ensemble Dal Niente
7:30 PM, Slee Hall

a garden of flourishing paths – Jeffrey Mumford

Nine Fragments – David Dzubay

Ultrabucolic Studies – Eivind Buene

In Nomine a 3 – Brian Ferneyhough

Coloratura – Brian Ferneyhough

Partial [dist]res[s]toration – David Felder


–DAY 6, Saturday June 10 2017–


Signal Ensemble
7:30 PM, Slee Hall

Violin Concerto preview – David Felder

Nature Morte – Eivind Buene

Kukulkan III – David Dzubay

Terrain – Brian Ferneyhough

–DAY 7, Sunday June 11 2017–

Buffalo Philharmonic Orchestra

4:00 PM, Slee Hall

Incendio – David Felder

Siren Song – David Dzubay

and symphonies of deepening light… expanding… ever cavernous – Jeffrey Mumford

Canzona – David Felder