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How to Apply

information on applications for June in Buffalo 2021 will be available starting in January.

COVID-19 Statement:

On March 11, 2020, the World Health Organization declared the coronavirus outbreak a global pandemic. We at the University at Buffalo had our scheduled spring break occur shortly after
during March 16 – 20. When classes resumed on Monday, March 23, we began engaging in distance and remote learning. Since then, all music events at the University at Buffalo have been cancelled or held remotely, and teachers, students, and administrators have been working remotely from home.

Musicians, composers, and ensembles, witnessed their concerts, premieres, and other music events cancelled. With these cancellations came tremendous disappointment, loss of income, stress, stalls in professional development, and demotivating time-lags in the realization of musical ideas and projects.

We at the June in Buffalo Festival created a remote version of the festival where no travel was necessary, and all of the participant composers participated without leaving their
homes. They were invited to coach, via Zoom, one of the several rehearsals of their work, as well as receive a high-quality stereo recording of their work. There were no concerts, audiences, or gatherings of more than ten people.

Each of these rehearsals and recordings involved no more than ten people gathering together in the hall, and all of the musicians and staff remained at least six feet apart, and adopted social distancing measures and safety precautions. Some rehearsals and recordings happened outside of the June 1 – 7 festival dates, to meet health and safety conditions. We were encouraged that 16 participant composers from around the world joined us remotely for the festival. In addition to the rehearsals, and the high-quality stereo recording they received, the participant composers also had one-on-one lessons with each of the senior composers, and had exclusive access to their two-hour lectures. The June in Buffalo 2020 senior composers who made a successful remote festival possible were: David Felder, Hilda Paredes, Robert HP Platz, Roger Reynolds, and Ricardo Zohn-Muldoon.